5 unique use cases for Google Bard; Learn how to unleash the true power of this AI chatbot

This is the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence, and hence, it is important to know how to use AI tools and especially AI chatbots to their full potential. However, most of us use them either to make idle conversations, ask general questions or write content. But when it comes to really powerful AI chatbots like Google Bard, that’s just scratching the surface. If you want to know what all you can do through it, and what are the right pointers to get the information effectively, then you need to know these 5 unique use cases of Google Bard.

Unique Use Cases of Google Bard

1. Looking for the best deals online: One unique use case of Google Bard is that it can act as a shopping assistant for you. If you want to buy a product but don’t want to visit 20 different websites to check and compare prices, you can easily find it from Bard.

You can use the hint: Show me the best deals online for (insert product name). You can also refine your search by asking Bard to filter by price, retailer, or shipping options. Additionally, you can also ask the AI ​​chatbot to show you product reviews from a particular website so you can know whether to buy it or not.

2. Transcription of handwritten notes and letters: This is a hidden feature of AI chatbots that can help you in difficult situations. Google Bard can read and transcribe handwritten notes and letters. This is not only useful when you are having difficulty reading someone’s handwriting, but is also a great way to preserve old letters and documents in digital format without the hassle of painstakingly typing them.

Simply upload the document you want to transcribe and use the hint: What does this letter say? Transcribe this letter.

3. Create an itinerary: Heading to a new destination on vacation, but not sure how to fit in all the popular spots into a busy schedule? Don’t worry because Google Bard can help you plan your entire trip including personalized suggestions based on your interests and budget, suggest things to do in each destination, assist you in booking flights, hotels and rental cars. Can help, and much more.

You can use the following detailed prompt: Create an (insert number of days in trip) itinerary for (insert location) trip with a budget of (insert your budget). You can also ask it to refine the results based on whether it’s a solo trip, couple trip, family vacation, and more.

4. Identify objects: This is perhaps one of the most unique features of AI chatbots. You can use it to upload a photo of an object, piece of furniture, gadget, clothing, and more and ask it to be identified. This will tell you not only about the item but also about its use case.

5. Recipe suggestions based on what you have in your fridge: Have you ever been in a situation where you have some ingredients in your fridge but you don’t really know anything that can be cooked with them? Now, you can tell Google Bard about these ingredients and ask it for recipes that include them. You can also ask them to focus on making it healthier or tastier by adding more ingredients and refining the cooking process.

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