Enhanced Microsoft Teams app now available for Windows and Mac

Recently Microsoft made a preview release of the Microsoft Teams app available, a few months after revealing its efforts to improve the app’s functionality and do it virtually from scratch. This was done with the aim of increasing user productivity and team collaboration. Now, the new Microsoft Teams app has finally been rolled out for Windows and Mac devices. The company claims that the new app is fast and smart. Learn more about the new Teams app here.

New version of Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac

According to Microsoft blog with the new Teams preview, the app’s performance became twice as fast, and it consumed only half the memory. The new Teams app has many new features such as custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7×7 video, call queuing, PSTN calling, contextual search across chats and channels, cross-posting a channel conversation and even more. It not only has new features but also comes with advanced security and IT management. Additionally, Microsoft Teams app installation on PC will now be three times faster and joining or launching a meeting will be twice as fast.

according to a report According to the Verge, Microsoft has abandoned Teams’ Electron foundation and adopted Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology. Some improvements have also been made to the user interface within the app.

Users can experience the new features of the app in the Teams client where business users will have to upgrade to the new version. However, Microsoft says the change will be as fast as a simple software update. Additionally, users of the “Classic Teams” version will be automatically migrated to the new version in the near future.

Mac users will also experience improvements to the app as they were not part of the preview. Now, Teams will also include Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot which will enable users to conduct effective meetings. “CoPilot in Teams chat helps you accelerate conversations by quickly reviewing key points, action items, and decisions without scrolling through long threads,” Microsoft said.

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