Google expands Discover feed to desktop users, testing underway

Google is expanding its popular Discover feature to the desktop version of its Search page. The Google Discover Feed, known for curating personalized content based on users’ web activity and interests, has long been a staple on mobile devices, including Google apps and the Pixel Launcher. However, this feature is now becoming available for desktop users.

Familiar concept, limited control

Similar to the mobile version, the desktop Discover feed will present personalized content to users. It’s a feature many users have become accustomed to, but there’s one important difference: On desktop, unlike its counterpart Bing, Google’s Discover feed can’t be customized or disabled. Users have no control over its format or content.

To further strengthen its presence, Google has provided guidelines for website users to optimize their content for Discover. Pages with high-quality images and timely information are more likely to be displayed. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the testing of Discover for desktop, adding that it is currently limited to users in India, The Verge informed,

This is not the first time Google has considered bringing Discover to desktop users. In 2022, a version of Discover-like tiles appeared on the Google Search home page for desktop, displaying personalized content including weather updates, stock information, and news. At the time, users had the option to disable these tiles for a cleaner browsing experience. However, current testing suggests that this level of customization may not be an option if Discover for desktop becomes an official feature.

The concept of Discover is not unique to Google. In 2023, Samsung rebranded its Samsung Free feature as Samsung News, which focuses on giving users relevant news, similar to what Google wants to achieve with Discover.

Enhanced experience for Pixel users

For users on Google’s own devices, such as the Pixel 8 series, the Discover page integrated into the Pixel Launcher has also received an update, which aligns with 2023’s Material U design trend, a move to enhance the user experience. Ensures dynamic color theme.

As Google continues to evolve its services and adopt the latest design trends, the introduction of Google Discover on desktop is set to reshape the way users access and interact with personalized content.

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