Microsoft launches Web App Store for Windows; Finding apps and games made easy

Microsoft recently revamped its Teams app for Windows and Mac to improve its functionality. And the company is not stopping here. Yesterday, on October 6, it also launched the new Web App Store for Windows. This new Web App Store isn’t just redesigned or incorporating new functionalities, in fact, the company claims it was built from scratch using a new user interface (UI) to make it more accessible when looking for a new Windows app. Can be made simple and seamless. xbox pc games.

Announcing the new Web App Store, Microsoft engineer Judah Gabriel Posted on X and said, “Hey! Today we released the new – App Store for Windows. Proud of this work! It’s built with @buildWithLit, @shoelace_style, @vite_js, @pwabuilder’s PWA templates, App Tools Router and web components running on a C# ASPNET backend.

In layman’s terms, this means that the entire codebase was changed and modern UI elements were used to create a more modern-looking app store. Explaining this to another user, who asked if rebuilding meant only parts of the code were changed, Gabriel Explained, “The old site was a React codebase built on an obsolete UI framework. We created a fresh user experience with a thoughtfully designed interface, easy ways to discover new apps, and a modern web technology stack. I hope people find it useful.”

You can check out the new Web App Store Here,

Microsoft launches new web app store

The new App Store appears to be more fluid and easier to navigate than its predecessor. Search functionality has been improved, and users also get a preview of their search in a drop-down menu to quickly jump to the right app or game. Even the search page is much better to look at and shows enough information for the user to know what to click on.

Users will now see the app’s name, icon, rating, category, and a short description on the title card of the search window. They will also be able to see whether the app is free or paid. However, it should be noted that the Web App Store will not replace Microsoft Store apps on Windows. It is just a web front for the App Store.

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