Musk-owned X may soon launch ad-free subscription plan: Report

New Delhi: In a bid to diversify its revenue streams and enhance user experience, Elon Musk-owned micro-blogging platform, X, is preparing to launch a series of subscription tiers, each of which offers a different ad experience. The move comes as X looks to adapt to the changing dynamics in the social media world and provide users with more options to customize their experience on the platform.

three membership levels

The new subscription offering, as revealed by media reports, is expected to be divided into three tiers: Premium Basic, Premium Standard, and Premium Plus.

Premium Basic: This tier will include all ads in the “For You” feed. This means that users at this stage will continue to see ads in their main feed.

Premium Standard: Users choosing this tier will experience fewer ads, with claims of half the ad load in their “For You” feed. It provides a middle-of-the-road option for those who want to minimize ad interruptions.

Premium Plus: At the highest level, Premium Plus subscribers will enjoy an ad-free experience in the “For You” feed. This tier promises a completely ad-free browsing experience.

It is important to note that, as reported, ads will continue to appear in replies at these subscription levels. Answer: The revenue generated from advertisements is necessary to compensate content creators on the platform.

Additional features and changes

In addition to membership tiers, X is also making progress in other areas:

Video Game Streaming: Elon Musk recently shared a successful test of the X video game streaming system. This suggests that X may soon add video game streaming to its platform, which would potentially attract gaming enthusiasts.

Live Shopping Features: X is exploring the possibility of introducing live shopping features. The move is in line with the growing trend of e-commerce integration within social media platforms.

Pay on X: Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that users will soon be able to make payments on X. This could open up new possibilities for businesses and individuals using the platform for commerce.

Support for creators: X has already started compensating creators for their content. The platform has paid out approximately $20 million to creators who share in the advertising revenue generated from ads shown in replies to their posts to other verified users.

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