Windows 12 Release Date Possibly Leaked by Intel: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 12’s release date may have been leaked recently and may be arriving on computers in the coming months. Microsoft’s alleged successor Windows 11 is expected to be the next major refresh after Windows 11 was released in October 2021 with visual change elements like the taskbar, Windows Explorer, as well as support for widgets. It is worth noting that Microsoft has not yet officially provided any details about how it plans to launch the next version of its Windows desktop operating system.

Transcript of A Recent Fireside Chat Intel CFO David Zinsner may have leaked the Windows 12 release date, it was revealed at the Citi 2023 global technology conference. “We really think ’24 is going to be quite a good year for clients, especially because of the Windows refresh.” Zinsner is quoted as saying in the transcript. Microsoft regularly releases updates and patches for its operating systems, so a Windows refresh indicates that a new version is on the way.

“And we still think the installed base is quite old and needs a refresh and we think that could be the beginning of that, maybe next year, given the Windows Catalyst. So, we’re optimistic about that.” As for how things will play out at the start of the 24th, Zinsner said in response to a question on whether Intel expects its gains to continue after the company has recently begun gaining market share.

It’s interesting to note that the mention of the Windows “refresh” and “Catalyst” by the Intel executive comes shortly after the company unveiled its Intel Core Ultra processors that will arrive on December 14. Intel’s Meteor Lake chips, unlike their Raptor Lake predecessors, will be targeted at laptops. However, with the reported arrival of Intel Aero Lake-S CPU – Up to 24 cores – Expected in 2024, Intel may have new desktop CPUs ready in time for the next version of Windows.

Intel’s new Meteor Lake chips are the chipmaker’s first processors equipped with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for better AI performance on the device. The new chipset design also includes the first integrated NPU AI engine. Meanwhile, the Windows 11 23H2 update is already introducing new AI features like Windows Copilot, and if Microsoft is planning to release the next version of Windows in the coming months, the AI ​​features and technology that Microsoft is working on are doing, there is a possibility of doubling it.

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