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Gold accents can be an incredible way to add colour and glamour to your home. Gold accents provide you with plenty of customization opportunities as well. You can go grand and all out to turn your home into a palace or be subtle enough to make the right things pop.

Let’s check out how you can use gold accents in your home:

1. Mirror mirror, gold and all

The best way to make a minimalist room stand out is to use something that doesn’t belong in the room. That decorative piece should be grand enough to become the focal point of the room and create a striking contrast with the rest of the items or colour theme. For instance, if you use an antique mirror with a golden frame composed of complicated metalwork in a minimalist white room, the minimalism pops out wonderfully. Home building companies know this trick and often implement it in their designs. 

2. Gold lighting

Nothing shines quite as bright as gold tone and it works best with lighting. Gold-toned lighting fixtures can add that extra bit of spark and make your space incredibly fabulous. Gold and silver-toned lighting is the most abundant option available in the market. However, use them in moderation to make the most out of them.

For instance, home construction companies often stick to a couple of accent pieces in a room. A couple of pendant lights over the kitchen island or the dining table, a few flat golden lighting fixtures to highlight the dark areas of the kitchen or a lamp with a brushed golden finish. These small changes go a long way towards defining the style of the room.

3. Experiment with dark saturated colours

Gold often reminds us of royalty. Currencies were minted from this precious metal, it was a colour favoured by nobles and ancient architecture also made generous use of gold wherever possible. Navy blue also stood out as a colour of the nobles. When you combine these two colours, you can create a majestic space and add more mystique. Luxury home builders in Vancouver often highlight dark navy blue rooms with gold frames, lights, vases and other such accessories. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be navy blue. Gold works beautifully with any dark saturated colour.

4. Kitchen or bathroom hardware

One of the best ways of adding gold to your kitchen or bathroom is with hardware. Moreover, your options are very flexible when it comes to hardware. You can use it in light touches across your white kitchen or bathroom to add more life and luxury. Moreover, it can be done without betraying minimalism. Spread out gold touches evenly and let the metallic sheen work its magic. You can use this hack while constructing your custom home or during renovations. Custom home builders in Vancouver can make this happen without drilling a hole into your budget.

5. Play around with seating

Don’t want to limit the room with golden hints? Consider playing around with seating options. For instance, a rustic and modern home can rock golden barstools without looking out of place. On the other hand, if you choose metallic furniture with a golden finish, don’t add other golden finishes to the room. Instead choose complementing hues like rose gold, brass or silver for coffee tables.

6. Use gilded fabrics

Gilded fabrics are artificially made with PVC and other materials for a leathery sheen that mimics the glossy surface of metals. You’ll often find this in celebrity homes, luxury limos and presidential suites. Adorn your furniture pieces with gilded upholstery and finish the look with textured pillows.

7. Wallpaper

Going all out with gold is tricky since so many things can go wrong and make the room look tacky. That’s why the best builders in Vancouver always choose to use wallpaper for the job. Instead of sticking it all over the wall, choose horizontal or vertical sections for the wallpaper. You can make it more interesting by choosing textured or embossed wallpaper as well.

Good colour schemes can work throughout the year, whether you decide to amplify it all over the room or stick to accents. Make sure to stick to the right custom home-building company that can guide you with the design and give shape to your dreams.

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