Handloom Cotton Sarees For The Modern Bengali Bride

Ever wondered that amidst the extravagant sarees and décor purchased for a bride, there is something else she might crave? Wondering what it is? Among the razzmatazz of bright wedding sarees in silk, a few pieces of handwoven cotton create the right balance.

If you are a bride-to-be and love sarees that speak of authenticity and reveal the artistic touches of workers and the heritage of India, buy handloom cotton sarees. Sometimes, every bride needs to stay away from embroidered and printed silks and embrace her love for threads. Truly speaking, every handwoven saree that you own will reveal the charm inside those beautiful weaves and preserve the cultural tradition of the country.

You might just wonder why buying handloom boutique sarees is not typically bridal. It’s time to break your myth and explore how handwoven sarees are a perfect choice for today’s bride.

Balance comfort and elegance

Imagine the day before the wedding or “Aiburobhaat” ceremony when she is lovingly fed rice and various other sumptuous dishes by her mother as well as the other women in the family. Technically, it is said to be the last meal she eats in her paternal home.

The kind of humid weather we have in India followed by the hullabaloo in the house, a perfect way to adorn a modern bride is choosing a handwoven saree.  How about a block print saree on Begumpur cotton? While draping the saree would be effortless, the feeling of comfort that comes with the breathable fabric keeps the bride feeling calm and cool throughout the wedding celebrations. Explore versatile collections of Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata and you are sure to come across the most preferred one to flaunt on the “Aiburobhaat” occasion.

Embrace uniqueness

Every bride wants to look unique on their wedding day and you are not an exception either. With brocade silks, kanjeevarams, and other varieties of Indian silks in your wedding wardrobe, you will simply merge with the other brides. However, embracing sustainability would reflect your choice differently. You are going to be that special bride who favors sustainability and dares to think outside the box when choosing her wedding sarees.

Got for culturally-significant sarees

You may have a couple of traditional cotton sarees that have been passed down to you through generations and feel proud about it. Buying handloom cotton sarees online would be the best thing you can do to embrace the culture of India. Imagine wearing a yellow handloom cotton saree for the “Gaye Holud” occasion on the morning of the wedding day. Each saree of yours will have a story to tell and you might pick accolades for picking attire that aligns with the cultural diversity of India.

In recent years, hand-woven sarees have emerged as a significant trend. From brides to other women in the family as well as the guests, the inclination towards selecting a handloom saree is showing up. Laalpaar hand-woven sarees with block prints are a perfect choice not only for brides but for the relatives of and the bridesmaids. You can check for several trends in handloom sarees in boutiques and various saree shops before you buy. You will cherish the memories of your big day uniquely and cherish the memories for the rest of your life.

Love the experience

It’s not just draping a handloom saree that makes the bride’s attire authentic. There are plenty of other aspects that come with a bride’s handloom sarees that she sports during different rituals before the wedding. Visiting countless looms, meeting artisans, and learning more about the way these sarees are weaved is indeed an enriching experience, and more so when you visit the best saree shops in Kolkata to take your pick. You can share this wonderful experience with your siblings, friends, and co-workers in days to come. 

Making a simple statement

Simplicity is the new norm when it comes to bridal sarees and nothing else testifies to this more than a handloom saree in cotton. While you have several options to choose from, it is all about a conscious decision to flaunt a simple and minimal look. Celebrating your big day with sustainable attire from one of the Kolkata cotton sarees online is a big decision, and modern-day brides are ready to flaunt what they think will look good on them.

Are you a would-be bride looking for hand-woven sarees that bear a testament to the tradition and heritage of India? Get dressed in exclusive handloom sarees where your attire has a story to tell, and reflects your personality and the emotions deep down that reveal who you are.

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