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Do you feel lethargic on those days you are at home? Are you a remote worker or someone who finds it hard to create a daily exercise schedule feeling fatigued at the end of the day?  Most people feel lethargic as they are not involved in tasks that involve movement, although it is crucial for staying and feeling energetic. Well, there are several ways you can feel motivated at the end of the day.

Just look got ways to include simple exercises or movements in your daily life. However, if you can’t, meet up with a kinesiologist in Kelowna to know which activities should you get started with to feel fit. Evidence from research studies has shown that a rigorous exercise regimen may not be the only remedy to overcome lethargic feelings. A good idea would be to begin with short and simple workouts that make you move throughout the day.

Here is how simple movements in your daily life allow you to stay fit and active:

1. Sit on the floor when doing work

Most people spend substantial time sitting on the sofa, chair, or other elevated surfaces. One of the basic ways to spark movement in your everyday routine would be sitting on the floor while doing work. That way, your body will experience motion. Simple tasks like folding laundry clothes to watching your favorite series on the OTT platforms can make your move. Compared to sitting on a chair or the couch, sitting on the floor is healthier except for people who have severe orthopaedic issues.

2. Cooking

You are not a good cook or at least this is what you have heard from others. Well, they say ignorance is bliss, so you should follow that and perk up your cooking skills. From your favorite soup to something you have always wanted to cook, experience movement as long as you complete the task. You can perfect your culinary skills and do what is needed to stay fit. Discuss your daily schedule with a registered kinesiologist in Kelowna to cross-check the activities you are involved in when incorporating movement.

3. Gardening

Gone are those days when you practiced gardening and cultivated it as one of your hobbies. Get into it once again as you are never too late. If you are experiencing pain or difficulty when the joints move, re-start your gardening activities and feel more energetic and lively until you go to sleep at night. Start with smaller movements and go on to extensive gardening to feel fit like a pro.

4. Don’t use an elevator, take the stairs

Don’t worry! You need not take the stairs when coming down from the 60th floor. If you are planning to take the stairs from now on and stop using the elevator, set the fifth or the sixth floor as the benchmark in the initial days. That way, you would feel fitter and not tired, depending on the number of times you are to move out of your apartment. Even if you are living in a duplex home, taking the stairs to the floor above is good enough for engaging in activities.

5. Park your car away from the parking spot

You always look for convenience when parking your car. The nearer the spot the better it is for you to save time on walking. Reverse this situation and choose a parking spot even when you go to a health clinic in Kelowna. That way, you will get an opportunity to walk down to the destination. Besides, enjoy the fresh air you breathe and refresh your lungs.

6. Switch off the lights before sleeping

Wondering if you did switch the lights on or off. Oh, smart homes with the highest level of automation won’t require you to switch off the lights. However, that’s a trivial convenience that just makes you lazy. Refrain from automation where it is not needed and perfect your movements. Today, you have smartwatches instructing you on the number of steps to be taken in a day. So, make the most of wearable technology to incorporate small movements in everyday life to stay fitter and better.

7. Don’t sit on the couch when watching television

The term is a Couch Potato. Is that what you want to be? If you aren’t, start exploring options of kinesiology in Kelowna, you are sure to get a similar recommendation from the experts. Stretching and exercising when watching the television is a healthier practice than sitting in front of it for long hours. You can keep it in your activity room to feel motivated to engage in activities that will let you stay fitter and more active.

The first day of everything seems difficult and a similar feeling might grip your mind when you decide to stay more active. You can start small and engage in activities throughout the day in different ways and the good thing is that they are a part of your daily chores. Consult a kinesiologist near me to learn more about those activities that make you more fit and make the daily tasks more enjoyable in the process.

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